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Jason Reza Jorjani: Closer Encounters


The US government UAP Report of the summer of 2021 marks a turning point in the modern history of Close Encounters — but not for the reasons that most people think. The UAP Report is not the first step toward some future full “Disclosure” regarding UFOs and related phenomena. Rather, it is a milestone in a long-term plan to subjugate everyone on this planet to a tyrannically totalitarian regime. Taking as its point of departure this monstrous Pentagon lie, and the broader question of the relationship between UFOs and State Sovereignty, this book examines every aspect of the complex Close Encounter phenomenon through all of human history.

There are seven extant interpretive frameworks for Close Encounters: the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), the Breakaway Civilization Hypothesis, the Inter-Dimensional Hypothesis, the Time Traveler Hypothesis, the Parapsychological (or Ultra-Terrestrial) Hypothesis, the Atlantean Survivors (or Crypto-Terrestrial) Hypothesis, and the Simulation Avatars Hypothesis. This study shows how these hypotheses are not mutually exclusive alternatives. All of them are facets of a single much more complex reality that has fundamentally defined the human condition on a fifth-dimensional level.

This reality is terrifying. It will never be revealed by any government on the planet, or acknowledged by the scientific establishment, and its disclosure would destroy every existing religious and social institution. In fact, humanity cannot survive the disclosure of what is detailed in this book. Rather, this profound philosophical analysis of Close Encounters demonstrates that the true nature of the phenomenon has to do with the cosmic force of evolution challenging us to overcome the limits of what has defined “humanity” for at least 250 million years — since our civilization on Mars was destroyed.

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