Antelope Hill Publishing

Fulfillment & Refund Policy

  1. Fulfillment: We will ship orders 1-5 business days after they are received, unless we do not have the product on hand. If so, then you will be informed of that beforehand on our site or on our Twitter account. Shipping will usually take 3-7 days. Please contact us at our email [email protected] with any questions about shipping. For our Print on Demand products, fulfillment will be done by the company on whose website you purchase from (usually Ebooks and audiobooks will be emailed to the email provided.

  2. Refunds: At our discretion, refunds may be issued for any orders we are unable to fulfill. All other sales are final. We may issue a refund given extraordinary or unusual circumstance (such as a book arriving damaged) at our discretion. Email [email protected] to request a refund in those circumstances.