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No bookstore is complete without a coffee shop...

Antelope Hill has partnered with Above Time Coffee Roasters, a pro-White boutique coffee roastery based in Pennsylvania, to provide our customers delicious coffee! Use code ahp5 for 5% off your order with them!​

In their own words:

“Above Time Coffee Roasters was launched because we saw a need for the creation of more pro-White businesses serving our people. We live in an age where we are constantly subjected to degrading advertising schemes in the name of unchecked capitalism, by “woke” companies that are the first to “take a knee” for those who wish to destroy our nations. The time has come to take our own side and build the infrastructure necessary to become independent of those who work against the interests of our nation and our people.


At Above Time Coffee Roasters, we believe in collaborating within our network and working to build a better future for our people. For example, you will find that whenever possible, our merch and accessories are made by other people who share our values. We are grateful to our loyal friends for their help along the way in the formation of Above Time Coffee. From website building and graphic design to advice, ideas, and support, this has truly been a team effort.


We source our green coffee beans from sustainable and organic farms whenever possible. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is important to us, and we want our customers to enjoy the benefits of drinking organic coffee grown without harmful synthetic chemicals. Not only is it better for our health, but it is critical to protecting ecosystems, an intrinsic value to our people.”

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