Antelope Hill Publishing

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  • A first-hand account by Lord Miles Routledge, on the fall of Afghanistan
  • The Foreigner Group, by Carolus Löfroos
  • The Plot Against Humanity, by Scott Howard
  • The American Regime, by a J6 Prisoner


  • Speeches and Essays of Gregor Strasser, translated from German
  • Michael, by Joseph Goebbels, translated from German
  • The Last Will of a Russian Fascist, by Konstantin Rodzaevsky, translated from Russian
  • The Agony of Polemos, by Carlos Videla, translated from Spanish
  • The Story of the Russian Land, by Alexander Nechvolodov, translated from Russian
  • The Philosophy of Marx, by Giovanni Gentile translated from Italian
  • The Age Ring: A Guide to the Germanic Cultural Heritage, by Otto Plassmann, translated from German
  • The Way of the NSDAP, by the SS Main Office, translated from German


  • Culture of the Teutons, by Vilhelm Grönbech

Jackalope Hill (Fiction Imprint):

  • Worlds Separated, by Tyler Wilson

Little Frog Hill (Children’s Book Imprint):

  • No releases currently planned