Antelope Hill Publishing



  • A book on the legal process and methodology of demographic displacement by a renowned author

  • A first-hand account by Lord Miles Routledge of the fall of Afghanistan

  • The 2021 FTN Memeology



  • The Chechen Blues, by Alexander Prokhanov, translation from Russian

  • The Autobiography of Sir Götz von Berlichingens, translation from German

  • Degrelle in Exile, 1945-94, by José Luis Jerez Riesco, translated from Spanish

  • Speeches and Essays of Gregor Strasser, translated from German

  • The Last Sentry, by Mikhail Drozdovsky, translated from Russian

  • The Selected Works of Ledesma Ramiro, translated from Spanish

  • The Struggle for Berlin, by Joseph Goebbels, translated from German

  • Michael, by Joseph Goebbels, translated from German

  • Rebel Mountain, by Kurt Eggers, translated from German

  • The Last Will of a Russian Fascist, by Konstantin Rodzaevsky, translated from Russian

  • The Agony of Polemos, by Carlos Videla, translated from Spanish

  • The Story of the Russian Land, by Alexander Nechvolodov, translated from Russian



  • The Hellhounds of France, by John Henry Harvey

  • You Gentiles, by Maurice Samuel


Jackalope Hill (Fiction Imprint):

  • A collection of short stories by a debut author


Little Frog Hill (Children’s Book Imprint):

  • As-yet untitled bookillustrated by the renowned cartoonist Jinjerzilla

  • What Kind of Man Will I be? By Joshua and Alex Kestrel