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Antelope Hill Publishing is currently interested in hiring additional editors and translators! We are a small, tight-knit company, but we are offering editing, proofreading, and translating work on a contract basis to editors and translators who support our mission. All work will be remote. If you are interested in working with us, please see the guidelines below:


Editor Guidelines

  • Antelope Hill Publishing specifically uses American English conventions.
  • We prefer candidates with past experience with developmental editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading.
  • Experience with index creation is also great!
  • Any degrees, especially in English, are a boon.
  • Antelope Hill Publishing adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), and as such, it is paramount to have familiarity with it.
    • Editors must be comfortable with CMOS standards for grammar and punctuation, numbers and dates, citations and referencing, etc.
  • We expect our editors to have access to and experience with Microsoft Word (particularly the Track Changes feature).
  • Many of our books are translations, and as such, having experience with a second language, while not a strict requirement, does help one have a better understanding of how translations are made and perfected.
  • In addition to translations, you may be asked to edit original works, as well as reprints.  With original works, you will be expected to fact check every claim made – given the nature of our publishing house, we can’t afford to publish facts that are in error. 
  • Have at least 10 hours per week you can dedicate to editing.

Translator Guidelines

  • Antelope Hill Publishing only works with translators who are native, or near-native, in English. Knowledge of American English conventions a plus.
  • Additionally, we expect our translators to be fluent in the language they are translating from.
  • A translation is not a literal word-for-word replacement of the text. Translators must be critical thinkers and not take dictionaries and online translation tools at face value; we expect translators to ensure that the translated lines convey the meaning and tone of the author, as well as make grammatical sense.
  • Translations should be consistent with how words are translated. If the author is using the same word, term, or phrase repeatedly, do not use synonyms unless absolutely necessary.
  • We expect Translator’s Notes to be created for unusual words, technical or official terminology, source-language idioms or expressions, and words with no direct translation available
  • Currently desired languages:
    • Armenian
    • French
    • German
    • More to be announced periodically

It should also go without saying that in our tumultuous political climate, working for us does carry some reputational risk if discovered. As such, we respect our editors’ and translators’ anonymity and take every step to protect your identity, but please be aware there is no foolproof way around this risk. We encourage potential editors and translators to evaluate their level of risk prior to deciding to want to work with us. For editors and translators who are citizens of the United States, we will need to request personally identifying information in order to be in compliance with tax regulations.

Interested? Email us at [email protected] today, or fill out the form below: 

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