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Whitey on the Moon by Paul Kersey


Whitey on the Moon: Race, Politics, and the Death of the US Space Program, 1958–1972

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218 pages, 5.5″x8.5″
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On July 20th, 1969, man first stood on the moon; on December 18th, 1972, man stood on the moon for the last time. What happened to end the dream of space exploration? Paul Kersey answers this question through thirty-eight articles on the topic, originally posted to his SBPDL Blog at The Unz Review between 2010 and 2014. Kersey argues that the US government neutered NASA by forcing a much different mission upon the space agency: diversity, at the expense of the initial dream of exploring the stars.


Whitey on the Moon tells the shocking story of NASA’s demise from the racial angle, highlighting instances of race-based instead of merit-based promotion, protests of Apollo 11, and the destructive demands of Rev. Ralph Abernathy of the Poor People’s Campaign, arguing that the money going to Apollo and space exploration be redistributed to America’s inner cities. Kersey discusses how the attitude of the US government largely shifted from the pursuit of excellence to the funding of a welfare state. The final chapters of the book deal not with the exploration and colonization of new worlds, but the redistribution of wealth to pay for EBT/SNAP Food Stamps and other welfare payouts. Kersey laments that instead we could have been on Mars. 


Paul Kersey’s eye-opening anthology, Whitey on the Moon: Race, Politics, and the Death of the US Space Program, 1958–1972, was originally published in 2016, has since fallen out of print, and is now being resurrected and preserved by Antelope Hill Publishing in a newly-edited and thoroughly cited edition.

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