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Faith and Heritage: A Christian Nationalist Anthology

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Faith and Heritage (active 2011-2019) was an online consortium of Traditionalist Protestant Christian writers who sought to provide a forum for like-minded Christians who, as they say, “have not acquiesced to the contemporary idols of Cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, equality, and the heretical social gospel.” The website was instrumental in influencing and encouraging debate – theological, cultural, and otherwise – within Protestant denominations. Faith and Heritage actively evangelized to those who had been alienated by the antinationalism of Church leaders and encouraged young Whites to return to the faith of their fathers.


Widely read and influential during its heyday, Faith and Heritage became purely archival from January 2019 onward. Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to permanently preserve the words of Faith and Heritage in print with this curated selection of articles and essays. With a foreword by Myles Poland, this selection contains articles by Davis Carlton, Nil Desperandum, Adam Grey, Thorin Reynolds, Gic Serry, and Ehud Would.

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5 reviews for Faith and Heritage: A Christian Nationalist Anthology

  1. Malta

    An excellent and timely curation of articles and writers from the (not updated but still online) Faith & Heritage website. From the excellent forward by The Godcast’s Myles Poland to the “Biblical Defense of Ethno-Nationalism” to “Our Familial and Racial Existence in Heaven” to “A Kinist Commentary on the Ten Commandments”, the works chart a deep and wide path through the highly defensible (though decried by modernity) wilds of biblical ethno-nationalism. I’ve given away two copies of this book and cannot recommend it enough for the battle-weary Christian looking for theological underpinnings to our struggle.

  2. Fr. John+

    As the third iteration of a distinctly Calvinist, (sort of) catholic ‘lower case ‘c’ ‘ website dealing with the intersectionality of Christ and incarnated culture, F&H was as hard-hitting as Little and websites which had gone before them had been; but because it (F&H) was comprised of a consortium of authors, it had a multiplicity of viewpoints, all held together by the glue of what passes as Reformed theology. Analyses of items as varied as what was good hymnody and why ‘O Holy Night’ was garbage theology, to quite well-drawn (visual as well as verbal) caricatures of Bojidar and Doug Wilson, and other shibboleths of the ‘Reformed’ tradition, F&H was a latter-day Wittenberg Door- online version.

    In short, F&H made me think, and helped me find corresponding points of view among pre-Reformation (and modern) Orthodox writers. Sadly, the obverse was rarely, if ever allowed on their end. When pointing out similarities with Eastern Orthodox constructs, invariably the sectarian fences (and fingers in ears) of F& H’s writers would cause my comments to be deleted, in the far freer days of the early 2000’s, (unlike today, when national purges of heresy from the ‘woke’ contingent are destroying people’s livelihoods and names). F&H merely didn’t allow dissenting opinions from their own; yet , they weren’t out for blood- because they knew ‘whom they had believed in, and were persuaded, etc.’).

    So, it is with a great deal of interest, and a sense of ‘well, done’ I look forward to the dissemination of this book of compiled essays from the F&H archives. But frankly, I’d like it just as much if they would come back and skewer the sacred cows of a post – Trumpian universe- the BIdenites deserve to be skewered..and I could think of no more apt group of guys, to butcher today’s sacred cows.

  3. Randal

    This is my favorite book published by Antelope Hill. As a Lutheran Christian there were a few things I didn’t like, such as the promotion of post millennial eschatology and an over emphasis on the OT Law and predestination. On the whole, however, these are minor issues.

    The main value of this book is in showing how the Holy Scriptures not only demonstrate the validity of the existence of race and nation but how the Christian Church believed in these concepts until quite recently (ie the 1960’s)

    This book touches on many issues that dissident Christians will find refreshing as it also shows that Christianity is not only necessary for the dissident Right to succeed but also an indispensable element.

    I would like to see a Faith and Heritage, Volume 2 published by Antelope Hill.

  4. Caleb

    Great collation of articles with much of their best material, I only wish it was longer. It hits all the high points and provides some of the best explanations and rationale for Kinism and why Christianity is a vital element in the dissident right and western civilization as a whole. The argumentation is solid, and it leaves little room for rebuttal by liberal “Christians” arguing for a sanitized, lukewarm, multicultural, tolerant Christianity. Overall a good selection and I would strongly endorse having a 2nd Volume produced as there is a lot more very good material that can be used from Faith & Heritage.

  5. Anonymous

    Wonderful book that should be required reading for every Christian who calls themselves a nationalist of any type. Most of what someone can honestly disagree with within these essays usually amounts to denominational disagreements that in no way take away from the core truths found throughout this book. Faith & Heritage, The Godcast, and Stone Choir are the trailblazers on the topic of Ethnonationalism, race, and Christianity of our time, and Christians and nonbelievers alike should hear what they have to say before declaring that these two things are incompatible.

    I hope for a hardcover of this book and a second volume of Faith & Heritage.

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