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In His Own Words

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275 pages, 5.5″x8.5″
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The subject of this book hardly needs an introduction. It is doubtful that there is any nation on earth that is not familiar with his colossal and provocative reputation. Adolf Hitler rose from the ranks as an unknown soldier, through the political chaos of the Weimar period, to take command of Germany and embark on a twelve-year odyssey of both great triumphs and great tragedy. Time magazine named him Man of the Year in 1938, but in terms of personal impact on the course of history, he may have been Man of the Century.


In the popular imagination, it is impossible to disassociate the man from his emphatic and passionate public addresses. As a result, Hitler’s oratory is often credited with his victory in the competition for political influence in the early years of the NSDAP’s struggle for power. And yet, competent translations of many of his influential speeches have largely been neglected, and those that do exist often do not do justice to the original material.


In His Own Words is not only a collection of new and improved translations of some of Hitler’s most important speeches, but also includes original research to provide historical context and information about the speeches themselves. While not a complete collection of every speech he ever made-such a collection would span thousands of pages at minimum-the essential speeches translated in this edition will provide the English reader with an unparalleled understanding of how Hitler used his oratory to become the most recognizable political figure of the modern age.


Antelope Hill is proud to present In His Own Words, translated, compiled, and with commentary by C.J. Miller. This work is vital to understanding Adolf Hitler and the twentieth century, and as such it is imperative that it be preserved in the printed word for generations to come.

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4 reviews for In His Own Words

  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful collection of speeches from mostly earlier in Hitler’s political career. The background information given before each speech is well written and accomplishes its job of contextualizing the speech. My only critique is that it could have been longer and had speeches connected to major events regarding the war and the lead up into it, like the Anschluss or Operation Barbarossa. If possible, I would like a second volume or a more complete collection of speeches, but I know that the goal of this book was going for something a bit briefer and introductory.

  2. Anonymous

    I have learned so much from this book. It is written so well and is very easy to understand. I’ve read a few different translations in my lifetime, this is by far the most clear and modern translation I’ve heard, while still maintaining the integrity and eloquence of the original German. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn more about this. I also wish for further translations, if possible.

  3. Potato_Man5001

    Sehr schön!

  4. Anonymous

    An excellent addition to any library big or small, In His Own Words is a collection of speeches Adolf Hitler made between about 1920, in the early stages of the movement, to 1945, into the twilight of World War II. That is, the speeches are chronological, and thereby tell the story of those events and conditions which led not only to Hitler’s rise but also to the brimming success of a mass movement altogether.

    History buffs will recognize the well-known speeches, yet be pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of more obscure orations previously unpublished in English. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of this collection is undoubtedly the commentary by author C.J. Miller, who offers a salient insight into the historical events surrounding Hitler’s speeches. This style of contextualizing the circumstances enriches the already virulent nature of the speeches, and adds a layer of perspective that helps a modern audience understand Hitler and his world.

    Mr. Miller’s translations and organizing of the speeches are comprehensive and engaging. Readers will appreciate the retelling of the Wild West political landscape of the Weimar (“Freedom or Slavery?”), or the intimate ideological insights of the NSDAP worldview (“Workers of the Hand and Workers of the Mind”). Hitler’s expression of Germany’s declaration of war on the United States in WWII is particularly profound.

    In all, this collection is a detailed work that includes something for readers interested in various aspects of German history during WWII, as told through its leader’s words and vision. This reader not only recommends this book highly, but also encourages others to consider the words and context of these speeches as they apply in our own times.

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