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Lord Miles in Afghanistan

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On August 15th, 2021, the nation of Afghanistan passed from West back to East. On that day the victorious Taliban insurgency retook the city of Kabul after twenty years of American occupation. The NATO-backed government had collapsed within days. Tens of thousands of people fled to the city to seek refuge and evacuation. And there in Kabul was a hitherto unknown British university student enjoying his holiday, suddenly caught up in history. 


Lord Miles Routledge was the last person issued a tourist visa by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Miles began chronicling his travels in one of the most dangerous countries in the world on the online message board 4chan, where he found himself with a riveted global audience. When the Taliban reached Kabul, headlines around the world picked up his story and people watched to see if he would make it back home. Fortunately, he did, and through the process discovered his calling as a true modern adventurer, traveling over the following year to other places including the Kazakhstan protests, the frontlines of the Ukraine conflict, South Sudan, and eventually back to Afghanistan for some desert target practice with his new friends in the Taliban. This book is his first-hand account of his first and most infamous trip to Afghanistan. Miles experiences a fascinating kaleidoscope of natural beauty, war-torn desolation, poverty, humanity, courage, and generosity. He finds himself in many places off the beaten path and meets a colorful range of characters. Throughout it all, his eternal optimism and indomitable faith ensure an invigorating narration for this unique journey. 


Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to present Lord Miles Routledge’s autobiographical account, Lord Miles in Afghanistan. This fantastic journey by a unique author showcases the best of the adventuring European spirit.

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2 reviews for Lord Miles in Afghanistan

  1. Kyle

    This is a great book on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. The book was an exciting read about a lad and his adventure in a war-torn country (which is far safer than Birmingham), during which the trip was abruptly curtailed to the graveyard of empires. This book has as much humor packed into the pages as protein bars packed into a plate carrier vest.

    I expect this young Hemmingway or Steinbeck to continue writing about adventures abroad. I can sincerely look forward to a tale of him exploring an island lost to time itself and the tribe inhabiting it, only to find a green-eyed Polish woman there in a hammock on the beach.

  2. Luke

    A very engaging read. I throughly enjoyed Miles’ literary voice. The book is short, but still very entertaining. It also has many color pictures.

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