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Ancestral Inheritance by Joseph Otto Plassmann

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Ancestral Inheritance: The Yearly Cycle of Germanic Customs and Festivals 

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146 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″


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As a folklorist, philologist, and cultural scholar, Joseph Otto Plassmann devoted his life to researching and elucidating the origins, history, and folkways of his people. During Germany’s National Socialist era, he continued his work under the auspices of the Ahnenerbe, an organization devoted to uncovering the past of what at the time were called the Aryan peoples. While the terminology has changed, and some of the ideas have proven inaccurate or outdated, many others have withstood the test of time, vindicated by modern linguistic, archeological, and genetic research.


Chronicling and interpreting the customs, festivals, and folktales of Germanic peoples throughout the yearly cycle, Ancestral Inheritance is as much an ode to the cultural heritage and wisdom of the author’s forebears as it is an analysis of their cultural practices. Even more so, it is an exhortation to remember, to honor, and to carry the torch handed down by one’s ancestors. While the details documented in this work are mostly specific to the Germanic peoples, many of the broader cultural currents are similar among all European peoples and their descendants around the world.


Antelope Hill is proud to present Ancestral Inheritance: The Yearly Cycle of Germanic Customs and Festivals by Joseph Otto Plassmann, translated and annotated by C.J. Miller. This fascinating window into the history of Germanic culture is vital to understanding this proud people.

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1 review for Ancestral Inheritance by Joseph Otto Plassmann

  1. Anonymous

    Another excellent release from Antelope Hill. Beautiful book design and translation, with very helpful annotations. Concise but full of essential information on Germanic heritage. Highly recommended.

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