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Black Mecca Down by Paul Kersey

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Black Mecca Down: The Fall of the City Too Busy to Hate

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Are Blacks in America immune from criticism? Are they never responsible for their own failures? And most importantly, is Black rule the end for an American city? Paul Kersey answers these questions with an emphatic “yes” in this controversial account of the fall of Atlanta, through forty-five articles on the topic, originally posted to his SBPDL Blog at The Unz Review between 2011 and 2012. 


Black Mecca Down shows the tragic aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement in the decline of a once great city. Atlanta, GA, once dubbed “The City Too Busy To Hate,” was supposed to be the model city for the New South, a thriving metropolis that would show the old Confederacy had moved beyond race and joined the global economy. Instead, Kersey argues, Atlanta became a Black dystopia dominated by corruption, incompetence, and crime. Starting with Maynard Jackson, Atlanta’s first Black mayor, the greatest city in the South followed the pattern of Detroit, with basic institutions collapsing even as the cries of “racism” increased.


Paul Kersey’s uproarious anthology, Black Mecca Down: The Fall of the City Too Busy to Hate, was originally published in 2012, has since fallen out of print, and is now being resurrected and preserved by Antelope Hill Publishing in a newly-edited and thoroughly cited edition.


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1 review for Black Mecca Down by Paul Kersey

  1. Steven

    Once you open this book, you will not want to put it down! The first chapter alone is with the price. A great read that will enlighten and reader the reader

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